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Welcome to enjoy fishing at Ormeshaga Country Club right outside Hovmantorp in the Heart of the Glass District of Småland. In the area there are several good fishing waters of different characteristics, e.g. the large lake Rottnen, famous for its large perch and pikes, and lake Vasen, although much smaller it has plenty of fish of various kinds and sizes. There are also put-and-take ponds within the area. At the large lakes there are resting and barbeque places.

Pike and perch are the most common fish and abundant in most lakes. There are also lots of coarse fish such as roach, bream, and tench. In the put-and-take ponds there are rainbow trout and salmon trout.
Lake Rottnen: pike, perch and zander, as well as various coarse fish and crayfish.
Lake Vasen: pike, perch and various coarse fish, as well as crayfish.
Stream Ronnebyån: pike, perch and various coarse fish, as well as crayfish.

Apart from fishing during the ice-free time of the year we can offer excellent winter fishing for perch as well as ice fishing with special tackle for pike in the winter.

Pike April - October
Perch May - October
Zander August - October
Tench May - September
Bream May - September
Crayfish August-September

Fishing permits are compulsory in the lakes and streams of the area. On the permit you can read in detail which rules apply. 
Spinning:  pike, perch and rainbow trout
Fly-fishing: rainbow trout and salmon trout
Trolling: pike, perch and zander
Angling: sutare och braxen
Ice-fishing:   pike
Jigging:  perch
You can rent fishing equipment for pike and perch here or you can bring your own equipment. Warm and tough cloths might be needed as well as boots and rain clothes.
Small boats, suitable for 2-4 persons, are available for rent. Anchor, oars and life jackets are included.
The pike season starts when the ice is gone, normally in April, and lasts over the summer and up to the end of October. In the winter the pike is preferably fished from the ice, the old, traditional method.
Angling or spinning is used for the perch all through the ice-free period. The fishing for perch gets really good in May during the spawn season. In the summer angling for perch using worms or small fry as bait on the hook is the best. For spinning you use small spinners and mini-wobblers. Clumps of reeds and banks are usually the best spots. In the autumn the perch is most easily caught on a jig, fishing from the boat, as well as in the winter when the large perch likes to bite on a shiny jig with worms or perch eyes as bait on the hook.
The zander belongs to the summer and June, July and August are the best months. Fishing with a jig that you bounce of the bottom of the lake and angling with fish as bait on the hook are two methods that often are very good alternatives to the traditional trolling with small wobblers dragging after the boat.
The tench and other coarse fish are preferably fished during the warmest part of the year, the fishing is best during early mornings and late at night. Worms, maggots and corn are the three most popular baits.
The Crayfishing is done in August and September.
We have good guides who know the area just as well as the inside of their own pockets. They will show you when, where and how you fish in the various waters and instruct you in different casting techniques or teach you how to make your own flies. They can also assist you when choosing the correct tackle or the right type of bait for a special water or kind if fish. Our guides can also help you with complete arrangements. The guides speak both English and German and can be booked for a short or long time.


Fishing tackle such as rods, reels, bait and other accessories such as life jackets can be rented or bought. Maps and other information are supplied together with the fishing permit.